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13 June 2005 @ 10:30 am
answers to the last entry  
# Barca stirs up the inhabitants of Spain.

# We show the women of Gaul to the sailors.

# You often used to conquer the inhabitants of Sicily.

# The farmer of Sicily is always in taverns.

# Why do ask for stories, O poets?

# You used to live in Italy but we were in Britain.

# Why are you fighting, O Barca? We are not stirring up Spain.

# You ask for friendship, O farmer, but the poet is refusing [it].

# I often used to tell stories about the islands of Greece.

# At first we used to show money to the inhabitants of the islands and now we are hoping for friendship.

# You were in Spain but where do you live now, O sailors?

# You were always fighting with the inhabitants of the island.

# We were fighting in Sicily but the daughters of the inhabitants refused [their] friendship.

# I used to walk with the women of Italy but now I always walk with the farmers of Spain.

# Where are the poets? They were on the street with the women of Greece.

# Experience teaches.

# You are writing on water.

# They are silent, they are praising enough. (i.e. out of jealousy they are saying nothing). (Terence, Eunuchus 476; Terence (d. 159BC) is one of the two surviving writers of Roman comedy, the other being Plautus)

# Fortune, not wisdom, rules life.

# You are panicking before the trumpet (i.e. before the signal for the battle to start).
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